The Human Project

The Fresno Bee

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Putting in long hours for no pay working the site, it's CD's like Humanized that make it all worth it. This release is one of those rare gems that grabs you at the beginning and doesn't let go.

Excellent Straight Up, Rock and Roll CD author: William and the Reviewer Team "Humanized" by The Human Project II is a collection of pumping, catchy southern rock songs. This album rocks the whole way through with driving rhythms, punchy beats and crunchy guitars. The songs are about everything from booze to cars to payin' taxes. The lyrics are creative and well delivered. The sound is raw and very "Live." Highlights are "The Creepers," a slow blues jam with haunting lyrics. This is the only track with a slower pace. "My V8 Ford" will rock you out of your rocker with driving drums and a Rockabilly vibe. "High Anxiety" takes you back to the swampland and delivers a message that will strike a chord with many listeners in regards to skippin' town. If you like good ol' rock and roll you'll enjoy this one.

Thank goodness it is more people than i that enjoy Elvin Bishop, Wet Willie(Jimmy Hall) and that wonderful soulful southern blues rock with some nice vocals and guitar picking, heavy with some bass. Now i get to listen to some great music again that i thought was possibly gone. Please keep on cranking out the cd's. This music is great. Goin South is nice, Deep River and Taxman i can't get enough of. Throw in a little Marshall Tucker, Hank Jr, Warren Zevon, Allman Brothers, Molly Hatchet and i hear a little of all these greats in The Human Project. Now i am back to listening to the music i grew up on in TN.


This is the sort of thing that Steven Stills might play, the Band, or possibly a bit of "Sweet Home Alabama." Nice and light, and it's what American rock bands do best, and it hits you straight between the eyes. Great dexterity on the guitar solo. Pretty tight harmonies that are as tight as a duck's back end. Simple sax and roaring Hammond using all those brilliant Garh Hudson tones and licks. Put simply, ten out of the. Thank you.


that was absolutely fantastic, i live in boston, but one of the projects i do for a friend of mine who owns a bar in DC is ship them music all in the vein of little feat and allman bros, so you will be glad to know that one of the rockin..est little bars in DC will soon be kickin out HUMANPROJECT and these people really party so your music will be put to very good use snapping synapses all over urban Maryland

Fellow Musician Goin South I absolutely loved it! And I did crank it up. And I am picky!! How fabulous to have created something so emotive...definately got me moving and effortlessly changed my emotional I'm high as a kite off of your musical creation...THANK YOU. Hoping you feel magical about this track...'cause it is. Loved the organ and the horns. Pretty complex sounds. Bubbly like Champaign. Sticky like maple syrup. The sounds just fly like a gliding kite. Human...really great stuff!! Thanks for sharing with me...please continue...for I have much to learn and truly enjoy your music. Your cooky pal, HALF PINT

Putting in long hours for no pay working the site, its' CD's like Humanized that makes it all worth it. This release is one of those rare gems that grabs you at the beginning and doesn't let go.

Hi Fallutin Momma. I'm reminded of both Dire Straits and Arc Angels with this song. Vocals sound like Dire Straits and the song is more reminiscent of the Arc Angels. I love the fact that there's a B3 solo on this tune! Production sounds great as well. Drum sounds are good. Guitars sound great. Musicianship is great on this one!!

Standing in the Shadows: Nice Derick and the Dominoes/Eric Clapton feel on this track. The guitar work is great as far as I'm concerned. I especially liked the background rhythm licks. Those licks had a real sexy sound to them. Don't let anyone bullshit you with the length of the song. Most of today's listeners have an immature attention span anyway. Very nicely done. Vocals are strong.

Back to Memphis Now! This is blues at its best! Great intro. Fine musicianship by each ember. Excellent blues vocalist with great phrasing...singing good lyrics with feeling. Now that's the blues! I love it! Top marks guys!